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About Nicola

Nicola H. Ayoub was born in the mountain city of Zahle on 1946. I was educated at the Evangelical High school there, and earned my baccalaureate. I taught Arabic composition for five years at St. George’s school in Zahle. When I came to the United States in 1970 I studied English as a second language at Georgia State University in Atlanta. At that time I helped support myself by working as a janitor and bus boy at Woolworth’s in downtown Atlanta. What wonderful and happy days those were as I learned about American ways and their meaning. After learning English adequately, I was accepted in the program for my B.A. degree in education. Later I went on to get my graduate degree in Educational Psychology. During my student days I worked as a night manager at Minischool taking care of little children at night while attending classes in the day time. In these years I learned to admire, adopt, and embrace the American way of life. I was fascinated with the individualistic attitude of people and how it works itself into the stream of the whole society. This is what I call a perfect life where the individual knows that s/he is an important entity in this vast universe and that the universe is a part of her/him. Eventually the Minischool was sold to real estate developers, and I got a job as a waiter at the Midnight Sun Restaurant. I married in 1980 and then had a cookie shop concession at Sears where my chocolate chip cookies became popular. My involvement in the business world was extremely pleasant, and after five years I was ready to go on my own.

My wife and I purchased a property at 1602 La Vista Road where I opened Nicola’s Restaurant. My philosophy of business was, is, and always will be to have a good product that is reasonably priced and offer it with a smile. The result will always be success and happiness. I have always enjoyed music and dancing, eating and resting, singing and art, all the finer things that life and nature can offer. There are not enough words to describe how happily I am living out my life. I have the most vivid and beautiful memories of my friends, my relatives, my customers and loved ones; whether they are nearby or far away, they are always in my heart. After over 33 years I look forward to living and fulfilling great dreams for you at Nicola’s Restaurant.

We are open 5:00-10:30pm. Come and enjoy a quite, invigorating Lebanese dinner. Dancing Fridays and Saturdays after 8pm. Celebrate and dance on your birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. Above all, come and let us celebrate life and living in our beloved America the beautiful. Love Nicola

Nicola's Restaurant

1602 LaVista Road Northeast • Atlanta, GA 30329 • (404) 325-2524