1602 LaVista Road Northeast 
Atlanta, GA 30329     (404) 325-2524

Weekend Schedule

We have been open since 1984 from 5:00-10:30pm Tuesday through Sunday. During that time you can always enjoy an invigorating Lebanese dinner.

On Fridays and Saturdays after 8pm until 10:30pm, you will experience and celebrate the melting pot of cultures of the east and the west by dancing with Nicola and some of the most beautiful and talented belly dancers in Atlanta. Come and celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries, and any of your special occasions. Above all, come and celebrate LIFE and living in our beloved Atlanta and America the beautiful. 
Love, Nicola

Belly Dancers featured at Nicola's
(In alphabetical order)





Weekend Entertainment after 8PM

You can book or host a private party at Nicola's, including weddings, birthday parties and 
the like. Also, local belly dancers can host events such as shows or haflas.
To setup a date and to discuss details, please call Nicola at (404)210-6558.

Nicola's Restaurant

1602 LaVista Road Northeast • Atlanta, GA 30329 • (404) 325-2524